Access Bars

What is access bars exactly:

In principle, there are exactly 32 bars of energy that run through and around our head. These points connect to different aspects of our life such as body & mind, health & healing, balance & control, awareness, power, aging & antiaging, sex, money, creativity, etc.

These points of energy store the electromagnetic component of all our ideas, thoughts, plans, beliefs, ideas, attitudes that we have ever had in mind through our entire life. Our current reality is shaped on a continuous basis based on our feelings, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

Each emotion, thought, attitude, idea, decision or belief that we have placed in mind, solidifies the energy and limits our ability to be generative in that area and to have something different show up in our life with ease.

So by activating these bars (points) by gently touching them, called “running” the bars. The process starts to dissipate the electromagnetic energy and start erasing the cells memories and clearing all the old thought and old patterns in them unfolding limitation in all aspects of our life allowing new thoughts and mostly possibilities to start showing up in our body, mind, life, businesses and relationships amongst others.

It is a unique method of starting something new as it leaves us with more opportunities in the present time, allow us to open to receive life experiences in new, different, more surprising or unexpected ways. We actually start to become more open to new things in life through our normal day-to-day routine, while forgetting about our past which holds us back.

To summarize – I think that this is one of the most incredibly nurturing and relaxing process on earth, undoing limitation in all aspects of our life without any effort, while allowing a bright new future to our liking in.